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Welcome Fellow Genealogy Addict

Welcome to our genealogy database. Despite the title, this database contains records for hundreds of surnames beyond those of our four main branches - Blythe, Turmaine, Gummeson and Melanson. Be sure to check the surnames page (link under the search bar above)for a full list. To save any image or file, just right click on it in the main viewing screen, and select "Save as...", then save to your computer.

Blythes and Turmaines

Our branches: Blythes (left) and Turmaines (right).


My Mom's Side (Melanson) | My Dad's Side (Turmaine)


His Mom's Side (Gummeson) | His Dad's Side (Blythe)


This database is my research in its entirety and is an ongoing process. You will note that I classify all sources by quality. If it is a poor quality source it is clearly indicated as such.

It is common for there to be gaps in data and sources and in these cases I will use the individual anyway and either leave sources blank (indicating no sources found) or will clearly indicate source quality. It is up to the person using the data to use the information as classified.

I continually search out sources and documents to verify data and improve on substantiation. I have made some of my best discoveries using unsourced data as a starting point and I would hate for those clues to not be available. A previous post on my Empty Nest Ancestry site provides more information behind this philosophy and policy.

This site is an effort to provide open, free sharing of genealogical information. However, all information is only as good as the sources cited.

I will gladly make corrections to data providing the information provided can be substantiated by the submitter with a source.

Please feel free to submit any correction requests, but I can only change it if a better quality source than I’ve already used can be provided.

Feature Articles

feature 1 David Coon, POW Casualty at Salisbury Prison

I spent a great deal of time transcribing the typewritten copies of handwritten letters of David Coon to his wife and children from Confederate prison, marking the days until his subsequent death from disease. The original transcriptions were completed by his son, Dr. William B. Coon in 1913, one for each family member. My father-in-law ... read more ...

feature 2 Melansons in Acadia

Pierre ‘dit Laverdure and his wife Priscilla Mellanson (my eighth great grandparents on my mother’s side) were known by the name, nickname or title of Laverdure. We are descended from the second of their three sons, Charles ‘dit la Ramee’ Mellanson, (my seventh great grandfather). The origin of the name ‘Laverdure’ is not known, but ... read more ...

feature 3 War Stories: Pte J.P.A. Emery and Pte J. Turmaine, MIAs.

In my father’s French Canadian, ’Turmaine’ branch of the family, we have two known soldiers who were reported missing in action (MIA) during WWI. The first was my great uncle, Pte Joseph Philias Albert Emery who was MIA at Vimy Ridge, and the second was another great uncle, Pte Joseph Turmaine, who was MIA in the Battle of Courcelette. ... read more ...

feature 4 A Swedish History: Gummeson and Nelson

My children’s great grandfather through their grandmother (their father’s mother) was August Gummeson,husband of Bertha Christine Hansen. Born July 30, 1887 in Polk County, Wisconsin, USA, August was one of nine children of David Gummeson from Sandsjo, Socken Kranebergs, Lan Smoland, Sweden and his wife... read more ...

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